Lovely Night with Rue de Seine Bridal


A few weeks back you may have noticed us ranting on social media about this amazing event at LovelyBride in Tribeca that we were able to be part of. 

With good reason, we continue to spread the word about our wonderful night at this incredible bridal showroom. LovelyBride is a warm and welcoming bridal showroom for the most special bride-to-be. We had the best time meeting the designer of the Rue de Seine Bridal line. She is pictured below with our hostess with the absolute mostest, Erica Chasco from Lovely Bride. 

Here's what they had to say about us,  "Bloom Brides did mini makeovers and amazing hair dos that went perfectly with the bohemian vibe!"

A huge thank you to LAURA GELLER BEAUTY for providing swag to the lovely brides. We played with the lip crayons all night and made some great beauty discoveries about some of their other products. The "luscious lips liquid lipstick" is AMAZING. We're putting together something very special with these products in mind. Stay tuned.

It was also wonderful to meet the very talented floral designers RED ROSE AND LAVENDER

Finally, Brook from BROOKANDSAMPHOTOGRAPHY is really nice and like a ninja, she snapped these photos all night. If I hadn't gone out of my way to say hello, she would have slipped right by me. Very talented, very nice. 


Check out the post about the event on

Five On Screen Garden Parties to inspire your Bridal Beauty

1. Chocolat

What could be more delicious than Juliette Binoche in the movie “Chocolat”?  Her rich chocolate hair color was set in large curls like the vivacious Sophia Loren with a chocolate cherry lip color to match. The real transformation however, was the character Josephine, played by Lena Olin, who went from battered housewife to a self-made woman and protégé choclatier. She goes from dowdy to vibrant, in flush corals and pastel colors lip and cheeks. Her hair is often loose, yet off her face with a natural wavy texture. Both are effortlessly beautiful in their sweet outdoor party scenes. 

2. The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan in “The Great Gatsby” is a stylist’s dream, complete with a sleek bob haircut, smokey eyes and strong brows. Daisy was so tastefully made up for a day party of reveling and dancing. How did she get away with it? All of the colors were neutral to the actress’s skin tone. Nothing stands off in contrast. To achieve this look, cool toned beauties should try colors like blues and greys, while warm tones like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hudson want to stick to bronzes and warm browns. There is a way to make more, more betta.

3. Marie Antoinette

No list of garden party beauties would be complete with mentioning Kirsten Dunst in the movie Marie Antoinette. With cheeks like apples and lips a ripe persimmon, Dunst is ravishing,  even if her on screen husband didn’t see it that way. Hers were the updos of all updos. And even if you’re not going for that level of extravagance, take note. Those curls stayed in place and many were relative in size to the many flower petals in the scene and texture was totally powdery. Borrow those ideas for super rich and expensive feel to your style.

To help you achieve something like this, you’ll want hair powder and lots of it try Living Proof Hair Powder or a spray like the Arrojo Refinish Dry Shampoo 

4. Downtown Abbey

Let’s not for Lady Mary,  Downtown’s quintessential fair maiden, who wed Matthew Crawley in season three. No bronzer necessary there, a look like this is all about subtle highlights, fresh luminous skin and subtle detailing in the brows, lashes and a super soft lip. Blend out that lip line. I would suggest a stain or lip crayon like Revlon Color burst balm stain or the Flower Lip Chubby.

5. Monsoon Wedding

Rain in the cards for your wedding day? Throw a “Monsoon Wedding”! Why fight the water in the air? If your destination is humid like anywhere in the South, or on the water for a Cape Cod Beach Wedding, go natural. Forget the heat styling, no curling iron or blowdryer is going to compete with the elements. Try Braided updos, or working with products that enhance that beachy texture, like salt sprays.

Or for a true fashion bride, go for an ultra modern wet texture? The character Aditi in the movie was super steamy sexy in the soaking rain, right? And we’ve all seen Miss Beyonce in that wet bob. Grab a mouse for control and texture like RuskBloFoam Texure and Root and mix in products with a slip, like kerastase Oleo Relax… to create a “wet” finish.


                                                Photo/Grpahic Design: Stephanie Sullivan Fonts: Denise Bentulan

By Steph


                  When I was 13, I was itching to wear makeup.  The beautiful colors of eye shadow, frosty lipsticks…  Everything about cosmetics in the 90’s was alluring and exciting.  After a few years of hormones, my teenage awkward years were in full swing, and I had a nice farm of teen-angst-fueled acne brightly shining from my fairer than fair skin.  The sooner I could get to concealer, the happier I was. I became a quick pro at covering up my under-eyes and awesome at disguising an angry pimple or two. But,  let’s be honest:  I wasn’t so awesome at washing off my makeup every night either in my teens, so it wasn’t a surprise that going into adulthood, I still maintained some of my skin problems from my younger years.

                   Eventually, in my 20’s I decided enough was enough.  I was constantly searching for the “Miracle Product” that would erase all of my unsightly red bumps.  I began seeing dermatologists and trying cream after cream and gentle cleanser after gentle cleanser with no results.  My bathroom product stash was reaching an all-time, over-cluttered high, and I certainly was seeing my wallet deplete faster than new products were being manufactured.

                  A couple of weeks ago, I went back to the doctor to try out yet another prescription in an attempt to battle a new crop of cystic acne lesions that I rooted on my forehead and cheeks.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had an encounter with a cystic acne bump, but let me tell you:  some of mine can take up to a month to shrink.  Who has a month to spare when they’re practically growing a unicorn horn out of the center of their forehead?

                My dermatologist gave me a prescription for a new hormone based antibiotic that required baseline blood work to be done and a whole lot of time out of my hectic work schedule that I didn’t have for something that might not even work for me.

                I decided that since Spring is a time of new beginnings, I was going to do a cleanse of sorts. I decided that for 40 days, I would not drink alcohol, try to eat healthier, and go to yoga 3 times a week.  I threw away all of my skincare as I knew it and purchased only naturally based products.

               As I said to my lovely partner Ananda, “Giiiiiiiiiiirl, I should have done this a long time ago.”

               Not only have these products tamed my bi-polar skin, but the second best part: everything on this list is under $30. 


                                               Photo/Graphic Design: Stephanie Sullivan Fonts: Denise Bentulan

Yogi Tea Skin Detox

1 Box $3.99

                I am a believer in the morning ritual, and part of my ritual is my big mug of tea that I have every morning as I walk my dog.  I discovered this delicious little blend while grocery shopping after yoga one day, and after a couple weeks of drinking this in the morning and afternoon at my desk (in addition to my usual big tumblers of water), my skin was starting to develop a supple lit-from within glow.  Sometimes a skin detox has to start from within. Something I also love: their inspirational tea tags.  Follow them on Instagram at @yogitea to catch all their #teatagtuesday posts!



                                                Photo/Graphic Design: Stephanie Sullivan Fonts: Denise Bentulan




Small $16 Large $29

To use: Wipe a small amount (I use the size of a quarter or less) over your entire face—even your eye area.  Soak a wash cloth with warm water, and gently remove the product.  I like use a tiny bit and do a second cleanse for good measure…  Just in case some of my mascara found a new home in the pores near my nose.

How it Did: First off, this stuff removes everything.  Not only does it remove literally everything, but my skin was left so soft, hydrated, and even.  Even though the cream feels like you’re rubbing straight-up butter onto your skin, the end result is so luxuriously perfect.  I like to think it leaves my skin feeling like it did when I was a kid… before pollution, NYC dirt-laden air, and liquid makeup took their toll.


Photo/Graphic Design: Stephanie Sullivan Fonts: Denise Bentulan


Eau Roma Toner Spritz


Small $9.95 Large $21.95


To use:  Spritz on freshly cleaned skin, and wipe away using a cotton pad.

How it did:  I am a fair skinned girl, and when I get a red spot on my face, it shines brighter than Kim Kardashian’s 20 karat engagement ring. (True story.) This toner has two mega-stars of the natural world working in your skin’s favor—and I don’t mean Jay –Z and Queen Bey!  I’m talking about Lavender and Rose water.  A few spritzes of this wonderful mist on my face, and any and all redness (be it a spot or rosacea) almost instantly lessened. It’s also alcohol free, so it does a good job at prepping your skin to receive moisturize as opposed to drying it out before your day or night cream can get to working.


                  Photo/Graphic Design: Stephanie Sullivan Fonts: Denise Bentulan

Skin Food


Tube $19


To use: Warm up a small amount of this cream between both of your hands, and press into skin and over eye area. Don’t be alarmed at the “grease.”  Just like they say on the peanut butter jar,  separation is common for natural creams.  Plus, that part’s the magic. 

How it did:  When my partner and Bloom co-Owner Ananda Ambrose first showed me this super rich cream, she told me it was the only thing she’s found in the market that did everything her beloved Crème de La Mer did (arguably, better) for not even a fraction of the cost. She squeezed a bit out of her tube for me to try, a bit of the separated oil running down my finger, and my immediate reaction was, “Girl, bye.”  But let me tell you, if there is anything wrong with your skin, apply a little bit of this wonderfully luxurious super-cream, and by morning your complexion will be dewier than J.Lo’s.  After a few days of using it, my skin looked healthier and happier than it ever has.  For the first time in 22 years, I didn’t want to put makeup on.  For a girl who loves her blush, this says something.

Tip: I generally use this as my night cream (for my day cream, try this), because your skin gets its maximum regeneration on while you’re catching your beauty rest.  Also, don’t be afraid to use this all over your body.  The dry skin on your hands will be equally as thankful.


Bloomies, be sure to follow the links so you can snag some of my new game-changers.  Are there any products you can’t live without?  Shout them out in the comments below.




I got Ring! now what? Part 2 : Interview with a Bridal dress designer

Somehow I was lucky enough to convince Kasia W. to have coffee with me. 

I contacted her in middle of the night in feverish despair and after hours of internet trolling. I was lost in the storm of bridal fashion images and she heard my prayer. 

Kasia is a designer with an incredibly impressive background in red carpet celebrity and custom bridal work. Her fancy hands have been lent to J. Mandel, Vera Wang and Amsale. She does everything from building a wedding dresses from the ground up to gorgeous additions like tulle overskirts and chantilly lace veils . 

We agreed to meet at a local cafe in Brooklyn just before she was to head into her studio.

“I haven’t found my dress yet either.” She said assuringly. Kasia was getting married as well.  

I excitedly talked to her about  my dress experience so far. I’d tried on seventeen dresses, purchased one dress, and returned said dress. I had ideas of mermaid fairies, wearing these slinky little sheaths with delicate lace details and illusion backs.  Plus, I LOVE gold, gold leafing, gold lace, gold teeth… pause. What I had in mind and what actually looked best were in conflict. As it turns out, I look best in mermaid cuts that accentuated my curves and cinched at the waist. To add to my pain, wearing jeans and a cotton kimono is my usual go to. I like layered flowing pieces.  The idea of showing so much of me was very scary. 

Me: Do you think there are certain dress cuts that go with certain body types? 

Her: Well, certainly there are some general guidelines, but it’s about what looks great on and what makes you feel hot.

(Here I was here to ask the wedding dress expert some very important questions, but I now found myself doing all the talking.) 

Her: I like to find out about a person’s like and dislikes. It’s a little like psychotherapy. You have mommy issues which means that you probably won’t like lace. 

Me: So tell me about yourself. Julie Mollo, our mutual friend, mentioned that you come from the A-list of bridal fashion? 

Her: After graduating from Pratt, I worked for Vera Wang and then on to custom red carpet designs for J. Mandel and now my fiancé and I have started a different business. I freelance for Amsale and do custom bridal work as well. 

Me: Why is there such a difference in cost between off the rack fashion dresses and bridal dresses?

Her: “There is just so much more than goes into the dress like the structure and boning, sometimes there are two or three layers of tulle and then the appliqués or beading, those things are a lot of work. Most of the beading work happens in India or China and they have to be sent out.  When H&M sells a dress, the design work has been thought through, the patterns made, the production worked out. 

Me: Is there then a case for custom bridal work?

Her: Custom work is even more expensive. If it isn’t, then there should be red flags. When a bridal piece is customized, all those things are done for the first and only time on one person.” 

Me: What do you think about those online custom companies from China, etc.?

Her: Generally, manufacturing from China is not the best. There are issues with quality control, cutting corners to save money, and quality of fabrics. 

(My thoughts: Like a Holloween costume?)

(Her thoughts: Exactly.)

Me: “How long does it generally take you to custom make a dress?”

Her: I would say six months, sometimes more.

Me: I had a friend that had a custom tulle overskirt made. She went to a dressmaker where she was pinned and had her measurements taken for a mermaid style tulle skirt. She then went to pick it up only to discover an A-line overskirt! Her designer tried to blame her for the mistake. Could there be a sketch or drawing to avoid this sort of thing?

Her: I always start with a sketch, then a fitting, then another fitting. What looks good on paper does not always translate to what looks good on the person. 

A bride always has some vision in her mind. After 25-30 years of imagining, it really comes down to what she really wants. I will always offer an option, a better option, but in the end it’s about what she wants. It’s a difficult position.

There’s a lot of love that goes into designing and making a custom wedding dress. So now you have two people that are both emotional and passionate about the dress.

Me: What about veils? Do you do veils?  

Her: There are tons of things that can be done with veils. ( She shows me an image of a custom tulle and lace veil)

Me: I find it hard to get information on veils and I don’t know much about them. Anything you told me to get, I’d probably love and then ask you to put gold leafing on it. I’d be happy.

Her: There’s Chantilly lace which is very light. Mantilla is a traditional Spanish lace. I wouldn’t do a veil in complete lace, it may be too heavy, but lined in lace it could be beautiful. This is a great place to add the gold that you like. 

We ended our conversation with a quick hug, me doing most the squeezing, her dying to get out of my death grip and on to her studio for more creating. 

love her! I’m so lucky.

My overall thoughts... Custom bridal work is expensive, but... nothing could be more a labor of love on your big day. Designs are priceless. However, we're in luck. Kasia publishes so many amazing ideas for free.99 on her blog

Back in the Saddle: A Guide to Getting in the Fitness Game

by Steph

     About a year ago, I decided I was going to lead a healthier lifestyle.  “Strong” became the new “skinny.”  As genetics would have it, I had the skinny part down up until I hit my 30th birthday, when I suddenly grew bigger boobs and developed hips that I had no idea what to do with.  I attributed my newfound shape to my brand new (and obsessive) pension for yoga.  I was toning muscles I never even realized I had.

     One day, I decided to go for broke, and went to my first ever spin class on a yoga off-day.  I thought that since I was seriously getting stronger (I had my crow pose and my chaturanga down, y’all), I wanted to try and add in some cardio. I figured, “Why not?  Let’s do one of those trendy bike studios with the boom-boom music.” 

     I went.  I had an amazing time, even though 90% of the time I had no idea what was even going on (“I mean, seriously?  We’re standing on the bike the whole class?  Wait.  What? We can do that??”), and even though I didn’t expect my legs to turn to jelly after class, I was kind of excited to have done something that was way fun, new, and completely out of my comfort zone.

     Then, since my legs were tired, I decided to take the subway instead of the short walk home.

     Seemed like a great idea.

     It was a great idea, until my legs gave out, because I didn’t know that the muscles that one uses to descend a staircase are the same muscle groupings that are required of one to ride a stationary bike.  I fell down a flight of stairs only to be picked up by a very nice man who was in horror at the petite, redheaded ball of goo that was in a pile before him.

     I shook it off, hobbled to my train, and got myself home.  Carefully.

     The next 24 hours were terrible--  I couldn’t move my legs without an intense amount of pain.  When I finally made it to the doctor, he explained that I had practically torn my quad muscle, dislocated my knee, severely sprained my MCL, and did a number on the cartilage beneath my kneecap. 

Photo via Pinterest

     Yes.  Just from falling down a flight of stairs.

     I was crushed.  I had breakdowns over the fact that I couldn’t practice my beloved yoga.  I had just gotten my crow pose!  That meant something to me.  And my mandatory 6 week recovery time was seriously cramping my nama-style.

     6 weeks was really 5 months.  5 months turned into a full year of not sitting on my mat, setting an intention, and thanking history for the teachings of a practice that showed me discipline and strength, and what my body was actually capable of—for at least 65 minutes every day. It helped me write.  It helped me re-define what my passions meant to me.  It helped me live.

     Two weeks ago, I decided that enough was enough.  I needed to reclaim my mat.  I needed to do something to put myself back into the amazing headspace I found in my asanas. Let’s be honest: I needed to tone my ass-ana.

     One of the hardest things to do is start up a good habit again once we’ve fallen off the wagon.  I like to look at it this way: I’m breaking the bad habit of not doing anything.  I think we all know how hard it is to break a habit.

      Here are some tips that have helped me start up again:

                                                                                                                                                     1.     Set realistic goals.  Then KEEP them.

Photo via Pinterest

    Every time I start to get back on the wagon, I mentally make an exorbitant amount of plans.  Some of them honestly don’t even make sense. I tell myself that I’m going to eat only salads and fish for meals that I’m not with my boyfriend, do two workouts a day, and I’m going to do all of these things while penning my first work of crime thriller fiction…. by noon on Thursday. 

     See what I mean?  Really, my plan all along should be, “Eat healthy and make healthy choices.  Maybe only have 1 chocolate chip cookie instead of 3.  And write your novel when you get to it… but, maybe do yoga first.”

     Make your plans realistic for yourself.  And don’t beat yourself up if you have to go back and revise your plans because you accidentally took on too much. 

2.     Find something you actually like to do, and pick a time to do it.

Photo via Pinterest

     Seriously, I hate running.  Every year, I say to myself, “I want to start running!”  And every year, I stick with it until I can barely squeeze out two miles.  Then I rationalize that I did not enjoy even one minute of those chest puffing two miles.  And I stop running.

     Yoga was something that I really enjoyed after I got past the initial “Ooh, I’m sore” moments.  It was easy for me to stick with, and I look forward to waking up in the mornings to do it.  That being said: also pick a time to get it done.  I find if I leave my yoga for after work, I get side-tracked by a dog who wants to play fetch and a lovely glass of wine.  If I do it right after my morning dog walk, not only do I actually work out, but I also feel better for the rest of my day. I have newfound energy and a sense of accomplishment.

     Find the thing that makes you look forward to doing it.  If it’s running, awesome!  If it’s biking through town, do it!  Just pick a time, and “Get it, girl!”

3.     Tell someone you love what you’re doing.

     Perhaps my best motivator is saying to my boyfriend, “I’m gonna do yoga every day this week!” Heaven help me if I try to flake out, because there he is, holding up a water bottle and my yoga mat with a big ol’ grin on his face. 

      Verbally putting a goal out into the universe is a great way to hold your self accountable.  Plus, if you tell a friend, maybe you’ll end up scoring a workout buddy! Exercise is better with friends.

4.     “There’s an App for that!”

    Before 30, I never watched what I ate.  Bring on the double cheeseburgers and vanilla shakes! Then suddenly, my metabolism shifted, and I had no idea how to watch what I was putting in my body.  Enter: The My Plate app.  You can set it to your activity level for the appropriate amount of calories for your weight and height.  You can set goals with it: lose weight, maintain a goal weight, or even just track your progress with how many workouts you’re actually doing. It measures your water intake as well! Super important for healthy body, as well as healthy skin— which leads to even better-looking makeup, Bloomies!

     Consider an app.  There’s tons of fitness apps out there.  I use My Plate.  My boyfriend likes to do the 7 minute Workout Challenge app to get him moving.  Experiment and find one that’s fun for you!

5.     Be kind to yourself.

                       Photo via Pinterest

     I remember one yoga class I was in where I was trying out an insanely difficult, core utilizing balance pose.  The whole class was tentative, but everyone was still trying it out here and there.  I slipped and fell flat on my bum.  Instead of horror, I laughed.  The instructor even laughed, and then she said, “Exactly!  This should be fun!  It’s about being kind to yourself, even if you fail!

     Be kind to yourselves, Bloomies.  Life is a series of successes and failures.  If you miss a workout: don’t fret over it.  Just make sure you stick to your schedule tomorrow.  If you’re having a hard time with beginner’s running: stick with it.  Sure it’s hard; be honest about that. But, know that you’re challenging yourself and learning something new about yourself with your process.  Conan O’Brien said it best when he said, “If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.”

     Let’s get back on the bandwagon together, Bloomies!  What are your tips for getting back on the fitness train?  Are you thinking of starting a new lifestyle change?  Tell us in the comments below!




Skin Food

Skin is In. Makeup trends are all about the "no makeup" look. Well how about just 'no makeup"?

I open this post with wide arms and a warm heart. There shall be no judgement beyond this sentence.

All brides are beautiful. You beam with joy and radiate love. I may not know you, but you were never more spectacular than on your wedding day.

However, as a makeup artist, it is very clear when a client is good to their bodies and good to their skin. Healthy skin puts us all ahead of the game.

Maybe you’re reading this post at least a couple of weeks away from the big day and some of these tips can be helpful.

My local herborium (only in Brooklyn huh?) published a very helpful article in owner, Emma Graves' online newsletter, "The Diet for Incredibly Good Skin"

The holistic esthetician and mother from Brooklyn says:

“Eat: Fresh, Organic (and local when possible) veggies and fruits, Whole, undamaged fats—especially saturated fats and omega 3’s (see below about damaged fats), protein in an amount that feels good to your body, “alive” fermented foods and real foods high in enzymes. Oh yeah…and the fun stuff (what ever that means to you—but the REAL DEAL, not the fake version) a few times a week (and no more.)”

— Emma Graves

Just to briefly add to this summation, if you have at least two months before the big day, try a cleanse:

1. Drink tons of water, at least eight glasses

2. Do your best to avoid sugars, including alcohol

3. Cut back on grains and dairy.

I have done this myself, more than once, and my skin all over was never more glowing and luminous. The entire body, including your skin, responds well to healthy food. If only for a few months before the special day, your body will thank you. 

I got the Ring!... Now what??! pt.1

(This post was written months ago and the wedding has past, but the memories are still fun to share.)

It happened to me this past summer.

My sweet sweet lover got down on his knee in front of a crowd of strangers and asked me to be his wife. Through a river of tears and “oh my Gods” I said “Yes!”. He said he’d never seen anyone so happy. On my ringer now sits the most beautiful yellow gold and emerald ring and on my face is a smile that won’t quit.

I feel an adventure coming, something unknown and strange and magical.

An adventure actually is coming… my wedding.


I’m getting married this November in Lisbon, Portugal. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :)

We decidedly quickly that for us getting married in Lisbon would be a dream. Next we booked the location and after that it’s been relatively painless. We chose a church, then the menu, and now the dress.

Actually, yes the dress has not been so easy. I’ve tried on many. Generally I have a simple, yet particular style. I like found items. I like gold brocade. I have a penchant for the romantic you could say, yet I’m always in jeans, but with floral patterns. It’s a mish mosh really.

photo credit :

I’m in my thirties, a second marriage in fact. I should have the style part down pat, but I’m going to be really honest about this. Style and form are not mutually exclusive. After trying on all these dresses, the truth is that I really just wanted to look slim and tall, neither of which I am. The dresses that flatter my figure aren’t exactly in line with the romantic notions of lace and beading that I had in mind.

In fact, the simple and structured form fitting numbers that I thought were reserved for the red carpet, seem to look great and make me feel sexy. So how do I bring these two ideas together?

I took to asking a very talented friend and fashion designer for help. I asked my business partner and friend Stephanie Sullivan. The first thing she did was tell me that I was fine, that nothing was wrong with me and to get those negative and self-defeating thoughts out of my head.

Which thoughts? The ones that were mean, and yelled and told me that I would look frumpy and bumpy.

Then she emailed me images of some super sexy dresses, with my signature gold leafing and and even came with me to try some on. She was the most positive and supportive mirror for me and gave me great ideas to show my personal taste.

In the end, I chose a strapless, va va voom ivory gown, with embroidered details and tons of ruching that made me feel incredible. I can not wait to wear it and feel like one of “those girls” for the night. I know one guy who thinks I am “that girl” every night.

Lesson learned. Find a friend who thinks you’re amazing just as you are and ask them to help you find a dress to dance in.


The sexiest corner in your bedroom, Your Vanity

Organization is one of the managerial qualities that plenty of you brides-to-be do possess with your planners, and day-books, and Google calendars. I am ashamed to admit my jealousy of your skill, but it’s true. Getting it all together has been a challenge.

Long and hard I’ve worked on this skill, finally designing a functioning and stylish beauty setup for home and work. I work with more calm and speed than ever before thanks to the effort.

We’ve all been there. We’re rushing to get out the door, loose powders are flying, and foundation stains your bathroom sink. There’s cursing and sweating. You claim you don’t have time in the morning to do your makeup but I wonder if you’ve created a beauty workspace to make the most of your time?

The “workspace” is something we at Bloom have thought through in our day-to-day makeup artist and hairstylist jobs. We create a beautiful space to work in and make use of. It’s a safe place for everyone. A space like this space appeals to the senses and is free clutter. It doesn’t have to be the most glamorous boudoir (though we encourage it ;). Simply, having everything within arms reach means speed and efficiency.

I’m writing you from my ‘workspace’ at home, which doubles as my beauty space. A simple writing desk, or a deep windowsill or side table will do. Your space needs a few things.

  1. Exposure to daylight.
  2. A mirror. Ideally, your mirror should be perpendicular to the daylight.
  3. Your regularly cleaned brushes and tools should be handy.  You can keep them in a roll or they can sit pretty in some sort of decorative jar so that the bristles face up and don’t get crushed on the bottom of your jar. Consider a container with a cover or lid to keep things sanitary.
  4. Your favorite daily go-to products including your skincare and cosmetics should be organized thoughtfully.  Think about the way you apply your makeup. I do skin care first, then foundations, eyes and brows, then lip and cheek. This part should speak to the way you work. You don’t need every color you own in view. Choose the ones you’re wearing this season, or even this week, and  put the rest away.

Okay, so now that everything is laid out, work your magic. Now that you are pleased with yourself,  can you put things away easily and beautifully? Get pretty boxes and containers that fit the design of your room. No one has to know how you performed this miracle. Just us two ;)

Manicures that last past Monday

#manicuremonday #manicuretuesday #manicurewednesday #manicurethursday #manicurefriday…. you get the point.

Sometimes inspirations comes from the people that you are surrounded by. My friends and clients absolutely inspire me and give the best advice.

Nicole Gibbons is home interior blogger and hosts her own tv show on the Own Network called Homemade Simple.

While working together for her style maker feature in Better Homes and Gardens (Congrats!), she asked my advice on choosing a nail color. I did my best to give her an informed opinion and observed her pruning away at pink peonies and arranging blue pillows and coffee table books on gold gilded tables . In this particular scenario her hands were not the focal point, but a stylish a compliment to the gorgeous scene she would be gesturing to. I suggest a taupe or mushroom color as a modern neutral.

With close up shots of the hands, it's something to consider.

Instead Nicole whips out this tangerine color and starts to run down the amazing benefits. “This stuff lasts!” she says. “If I put this on now, I won’t have to worry about it tomorrow.” Tomorrow she would fly out out to Vail, Colorado for a major design presentation and then fly back to NYC in less than a day. This is a busy woman who works with her hands, like myself.

And then I thought, my brides are slammed during the days preceding their weddings. They are writing thank you notes and packing a week’s worth of wedding attire. It's a luxury to be unbothered by a manicure during the honeymoon. Could there be a whole world of great nail polishes that didn’t chip for a week?

We did end up going with the grey polish, but Nicole gave me a handy new way to set the scene. 

Here are few nail polish choices we put to the test: