I got the Ring!... Now what??! pt.1

(This post was written months ago and the wedding has past, but the memories are still fun to share.)

It happened to me this past summer.

My sweet sweet lover got down on his knee in front of a crowd of strangers and asked me to be his wife. Through a river of tears and “oh my Gods” I said “Yes!”. He said he’d never seen anyone so happy. On my ringer now sits the most beautiful yellow gold and emerald ring and on my face is a smile that won’t quit.

I feel an adventure coming, something unknown and strange and magical.

An adventure actually is coming… my wedding.


I’m getting married this November in Lisbon, Portugal. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :)

We decidedly quickly that for us getting married in Lisbon would be a dream. Next we booked the location and after that it’s been relatively painless. We chose a church, then the menu, and now the dress.

Actually, yes the dress has not been so easy. I’ve tried on many. Generally I have a simple, yet particular style. I like found items. I like gold brocade. I have a penchant for the romantic you could say, yet I’m always in jeans, but with floral patterns. It’s a mish mosh really.

photo credit : buzzfeed.com

I’m in my thirties, a second marriage in fact. I should have the style part down pat, but I’m going to be really honest about this. Style and form are not mutually exclusive. After trying on all these dresses, the truth is that I really just wanted to look slim and tall, neither of which I am. The dresses that flatter my figure aren’t exactly in line with the romantic notions of lace and beading that I had in mind.

In fact, the simple and structured form fitting numbers that I thought were reserved for the red carpet, seem to look great and make me feel sexy. So how do I bring these two ideas together?

I took to asking a very talented friend and fashion designer for help. I asked my business partner and friend Stephanie Sullivan. The first thing she did was tell me that I was fine, that nothing was wrong with me and to get those negative and self-defeating thoughts out of my head.

Which thoughts? The ones that were mean, and yelled and told me that I would look frumpy and bumpy.

Then she emailed me images of some super sexy dresses, with my signature gold leafing and and even came with me to try some on. She was the most positive and supportive mirror for me and gave me great ideas to show my personal taste.

In the end, I chose a strapless, va va voom ivory gown, with embroidered details and tons of ruching that made me feel incredible. I can not wait to wear it and feel like one of “those girls” for the night. I know one guy who thinks I am “that girl” every night.

Lesson learned. Find a friend who thinks you’re amazing just as you are and ask them to help you find a dress to dance in.