The sexiest corner in your bedroom, Your Vanity

Organization is one of the managerial qualities that plenty of you brides-to-be do possess with your planners, and day-books, and Google calendars. I am ashamed to admit my jealousy of your skill, but it’s true. Getting it all together has been a challenge.

Long and hard I’ve worked on this skill, finally designing a functioning and stylish beauty setup for home and work. I work with more calm and speed than ever before thanks to the effort.

We’ve all been there. We’re rushing to get out the door, loose powders are flying, and foundation stains your bathroom sink. There’s cursing and sweating. You claim you don’t have time in the morning to do your makeup but I wonder if you’ve created a beauty workspace to make the most of your time?

The “workspace” is something we at Bloom have thought through in our day-to-day makeup artist and hairstylist jobs. We create a beautiful space to work in and make use of. It’s a safe place for everyone. A space like this space appeals to the senses and is free clutter. It doesn’t have to be the most glamorous boudoir (though we encourage it ;). Simply, having everything within arms reach means speed and efficiency.

I’m writing you from my ‘workspace’ at home, which doubles as my beauty space. A simple writing desk, or a deep windowsill or side table will do. Your space needs a few things.

  1. Exposure to daylight.
  2. A mirror. Ideally, your mirror should be perpendicular to the daylight.
  3. Your regularly cleaned brushes and tools should be handy.  You can keep them in a roll or they can sit pretty in some sort of decorative jar so that the bristles face up and don’t get crushed on the bottom of your jar. Consider a container with a cover or lid to keep things sanitary.
  4. Your favorite daily go-to products including your skincare and cosmetics should be organized thoughtfully.  Think about the way you apply your makeup. I do skin care first, then foundations, eyes and brows, then lip and cheek. This part should speak to the way you work. You don’t need every color you own in view. Choose the ones you’re wearing this season, or even this week, and  put the rest away.

Okay, so now that everything is laid out, work your magic. Now that you are pleased with yourself,  can you put things away easily and beautifully? Get pretty boxes and containers that fit the design of your room. No one has to know how you performed this miracle. Just us two ;)