Manicures that last past Monday

#manicuremonday #manicuretuesday #manicurewednesday #manicurethursday #manicurefriday…. you get the point.

Sometimes inspirations comes from the people that you are surrounded by. My friends and clients absolutely inspire me and give the best advice.

Nicole Gibbons is home interior blogger and hosts her own tv show on the Own Network called Homemade Simple.

While working together for her style maker feature in Better Homes and Gardens (Congrats!), she asked my advice on choosing a nail color. I did my best to give her an informed opinion and observed her pruning away at pink peonies and arranging blue pillows and coffee table books on gold gilded tables . In this particular scenario her hands were not the focal point, but a stylish a compliment to the gorgeous scene she would be gesturing to. I suggest a taupe or mushroom color as a modern neutral.

With close up shots of the hands, it's something to consider.

Instead Nicole whips out this tangerine color and starts to run down the amazing benefits. “This stuff lasts!” she says. “If I put this on now, I won’t have to worry about it tomorrow.” Tomorrow she would fly out out to Vail, Colorado for a major design presentation and then fly back to NYC in less than a day. This is a busy woman who works with her hands, like myself.

And then I thought, my brides are slammed during the days preceding their weddings. They are writing thank you notes and packing a week’s worth of wedding attire. It's a luxury to be unbothered by a manicure during the honeymoon. Could there be a whole world of great nail polishes that didn’t chip for a week?

We did end up going with the grey polish, but Nicole gave me a handy new way to set the scene. 

Here are few nail polish choices we put to the test: