Skin Food

Skin is In. Makeup trends are all about the "no makeup" look. Well how about just 'no makeup"?

I open this post with wide arms and a warm heart. There shall be no judgement beyond this sentence.

All brides are beautiful. You beam with joy and radiate love. I may not know you, but you were never more spectacular than on your wedding day.

However, as a makeup artist, it is very clear when a client is good to their bodies and good to their skin. Healthy skin puts us all ahead of the game.

Maybe you’re reading this post at least a couple of weeks away from the big day and some of these tips can be helpful.

My local herborium (only in Brooklyn huh?) published a very helpful article in owner, Emma Graves' online newsletter, "The Diet for Incredibly Good Skin"

The holistic esthetician and mother from Brooklyn says:

“Eat: Fresh, Organic (and local when possible) veggies and fruits, Whole, undamaged fats—especially saturated fats and omega 3’s (see below about damaged fats), protein in an amount that feels good to your body, “alive” fermented foods and real foods high in enzymes. Oh yeah…and the fun stuff (what ever that means to you—but the REAL DEAL, not the fake version) a few times a week (and no more.)”

— Emma Graves

Just to briefly add to this summation, if you have at least two months before the big day, try a cleanse:

1. Drink tons of water, at least eight glasses

2. Do your best to avoid sugars, including alcohol

3. Cut back on grains and dairy.

I have done this myself, more than once, and my skin all over was never more glowing and luminous. The entire body, including your skin, responds well to healthy food. If only for a few months before the special day, your body will thank you.