Five On Screen Garden Parties to inspire your Bridal Beauty

1. Chocolat

What could be more delicious than Juliette Binoche in the movie “Chocolat”?  Her rich chocolate hair color was set in large curls like the vivacious Sophia Loren with a chocolate cherry lip color to match. The real transformation however, was the character Josephine, played by Lena Olin, who went from battered housewife to a self-made woman and protégé choclatier. She goes from dowdy to vibrant, in flush corals and pastel colors lip and cheeks. Her hair is often loose, yet off her face with a natural wavy texture. Both are effortlessly beautiful in their sweet outdoor party scenes. 

2. The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan in “The Great Gatsby” is a stylist’s dream, complete with a sleek bob haircut, smokey eyes and strong brows. Daisy was so tastefully made up for a day party of reveling and dancing. How did she get away with it? All of the colors were neutral to the actress’s skin tone. Nothing stands off in contrast. To achieve this look, cool toned beauties should try colors like blues and greys, while warm tones like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Hudson want to stick to bronzes and warm browns. There is a way to make more, more betta.

3. Marie Antoinette

No list of garden party beauties would be complete with mentioning Kirsten Dunst in the movie Marie Antoinette. With cheeks like apples and lips a ripe persimmon, Dunst is ravishing,  even if her on screen husband didn’t see it that way. Hers were the updos of all updos. And even if you’re not going for that level of extravagance, take note. Those curls stayed in place and many were relative in size to the many flower petals in the scene and texture was totally powdery. Borrow those ideas for super rich and expensive feel to your style.

To help you achieve something like this, you’ll want hair powder and lots of it try Living Proof Hair Powder or a spray like the Arrojo Refinish Dry Shampoo 

4. Downtown Abbey

Let’s not for Lady Mary,  Downtown’s quintessential fair maiden, who wed Matthew Crawley in season three. No bronzer necessary there, a look like this is all about subtle highlights, fresh luminous skin and subtle detailing in the brows, lashes and a super soft lip. Blend out that lip line. I would suggest a stain or lip crayon like Revlon Color burst balm stain or the Flower Lip Chubby.

5. Monsoon Wedding

Rain in the cards for your wedding day? Throw a “Monsoon Wedding”! Why fight the water in the air? If your destination is humid like anywhere in the South, or on the water for a Cape Cod Beach Wedding, go natural. Forget the heat styling, no curling iron or blowdryer is going to compete with the elements. Try Braided updos, or working with products that enhance that beachy texture, like salt sprays.

Or for a true fashion bride, go for an ultra modern wet texture? The character Aditi in the movie was super steamy sexy in the soaking rain, right? And we’ve all seen Miss Beyonce in that wet bob. Grab a mouse for control and texture like RuskBloFoam Texure and Root and mix in products with a slip, like kerastase Oleo Relax… to create a “wet” finish.